Information and Technology (IT) play a vital role in life and in health. In fact, out of all the places where we see information and technology working together – whether in personal or professional contexts – the part IT plays in healthcare just might be the most important. Why? Because health care information technology helps save lives every day.

Our physicians, nurses, and other clinicians are on the frontlines of patient safety and care and it’s up to the IT team to ensure those team members are armed with the right tools to provide the very best care to our patients – from a more accurate diagnosis to the most intricate surgical procedure.

Advancements in medicine and health care information technology evolve rapidly and it’s important to keep up or get left behind. To remain innovators and leaders in our industry, and to provide the best patient care possible, we build a team of intelligent and ambitious people who desire real responsibility and want to serve a truly noble public purpose.

As a member of UM Health-Sparrow IT, your contributions could directly touch the lives of people you know – helping ensure UM Health-Sparrow’s commitment to providing quality compassionate care to everyone, every time.

Why You Belong Here

You’ll find a role that is uniquely your own. Information technology (IT) opportunities at UM Health-Sparrow are as diverse as the individuals who fill each position.

UM Health-Sparrow IT offers a variety of challenging and fulfilling analytic, project management, information technology training, and technical careers.

At UM Health-Sparrow IT, we believe hiring people from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds makes for a stronger, more robust workforce. We welcome self-motivated people who thrive in a highly collaborative environment and want a career with real responsibility. Each day at UM Health-Sparrow IT brings new opportunities and the chance to work as a team with team members across the organization, including physicians, nurses, and other clinicians.

Everyone at University of Michigan Health-Sparrow works together with a vision to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality and patient experience. In fact, UM Health-Sparrow is among an elite group of hospitals – only 3.7 percent nationwide – that have achieved Stage 7 on the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics EMR Adoption Model and Ambulatory EMR Adoption Model. University of Michigan Health-Sparrow was also ranked first for technology innovations in the health care industry nationwide and 16th among all U.S. companies in the 2012 InformationWeek 500 analysis.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF FRAUD. UM Health-Sparrow will never request payments for interviews or at any point during the interview process. If you have questions about a specific communications request please contact us For additional information regarding job scams, you can visit the FTC website at