James Butler Diversity Fellowship
James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship

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The Administrative Fellowship was named after James W. Butler, a well-respected and beloved community member who served on the UM Health-Sparrow Board of Directors. Mr. Butler was known for championing access to high-quality care for the most vulnerable and believed in creating platforms to guide the success of others.

Mr. Butler passed away on Aug. 7, 2020. Soon after, UM Health-Sparrow decided to continue to keep his work and legacy alive while promoting the issue of diversity. From this, the UM Health-Sparrow James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship was created. The Administrative Fellowship named for Mr. Butler continues his legacy, preparing hospital administrators of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to meet the future of healthcare with empathy, understanding, and compassion.
Note: The James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship is tailored specifically to the needs of individuals of under-represented backgrounds who are recent graduates of a Master’s program in Healthcare Administration, MBA, Public Health, or advanced degree equivalent to these studies, pursuing careers in healthcare administration. For other fellowships, residencies, internships, and job opportunities, click here.

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“If I make it back, I will give it back.”
James W. Butler III (A Vietnam Promise)

Meet Our Current Fellow

Jared Coleman, a Kalamazoo native, began his healthcare career at Bronson Healthcare where he served as a Contract Specialist in Supply Chain focused on Surgical Services. Coleman also spent time with the Bronson Health Foundation, where he helped to align philanthropic efforts with organizational needs. Coleman holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Western Michigan University and is pursuing his M.S. in Management, Strategy, and Leadership from Michigan State University. Coleman is a two-time honoree of “The 30”; a publication that recognizes emerging business leaders, proud member of American College of Healthcare Executives & continues to dedicate his time to Western Michigan University as a member of the Health Administration Advisory Council.

Coleman decided to pursue the James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship because it provided a unique platform to explore healthcare, while making a direct impact within the system and community. He believes development of progressive and compassionate leadership is crucial for current and future success.

As a fellow at UM Health-Sparrow, Coleman has rotations with departments throughout the health system, exposure to senior leadership, operational experiences, and participation in overall strategic healthcare management. He also assists in the development and implementation of long-term goals and objectives for the health system by working closely with UM Health-Sparrow business units, departments, entities, and staff.

Coleman plans to pursue a career that aligns healthcare operations, strategic planning & supply chain.  As Coleman continues his fellowship and leadership journey, he will strive to lead impactful systemic change through the building of authentic relationships. As the industry continues its transition from volume-based care to value-based care he recognizes we will need innovators and thought leaders to drive the efficiencies required to thrive in the new model.
Jared Coleman

Name: Jared Coleman
National Origin: African American
Training: Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA from Western Michigan University
Contact: Jared.Coleman@sparrow.org