UM Health-Sparrow is a teaching hospital.

Each year over 200 residents train here through 38 residency programs, established in partnership with Michigan State University's Colleges of Human and Osteopathic Medicine. In addition, UM Health-Sparrow partners in several professional training programs, and has a close relationship with MSU’s College of Nursing.

Our commitment to training tomorrow’s health care professionals means we foster an environment of quality learning experiences. You’ll routinely be exposed to opportunities that expand your skill and knowledge, elevating your credentials.

As a full-service health care system, UM Health-Sparrow can satisfy your career goals. Want to concentrate in a highly specialized niche? Serve multiple departments as a generalist? Or maybe research is the right fit, being part of tomorrow’s treatment today? You decide: Explore all facets of your profession and discover a role uniquely your own.

Research Opportunities

UM Health-Sparrow is engaged in on-going clinical trials, putting us at the forefront of scientific advancements. Many procedures now commonly used across the country - such as clot busting drugs for treatment of stroke - were first used at UM Health-Sparrow. The UM Health-Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center has one of the largest clinical trial programs in the state dedicated to advancing cancer treatment. In 2013 UM Health-Sparrow joined forces with the Thoracic & Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation to create the UM Health-Sparrow Clinical Research Institute. As a teaching hospital, UM Health-Sparrow has continued to strengthen its affiliation with Michigan State University by forming a joint initiative, the Center for Innovation and Research , which supports fellowships and recruits established researchers to develop, test, implement and evaluate innovative approaches in health care.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF FRAUD. UM Health-Sparrow will never request payments for interviews or at any point during the interview process. If you have questions about a specific communications request please contact us For additional information regarding job scams, you can visit the FTC website at